STEPHEN ROSE - Gerberas and sunflowers
STEPHEN ROSE White bouquet
STEPHEN ROSE Tulips in cellophane
GEORGE WEISSBORT - Still life with pitcher, bread, egg, cheese, and tomatoes
BERTRAM NICHOLLS - A View of Shrewsbury
GEORGE WEISSBORT - box of citrus fruits
The Use of Colours in Painting
The Symbolic Use of Animals in Western Art
BERTRAM NICHOLLS (1883-1974) Windsor
STEPHEN ROSE - The mirror of Venus (Scent)
STEPHEN ROSE - The peony vase
WILLY VAN RIET (1882-1927) Girl on the bank of a river
STEPHEN ROSE - Clementines
STEPHEN ROSE - Murex, cone, conch and auger shells (Shells)
STEPHEN ROSE - Silver service (Electroplate)
STEPHEN ROSE (1960- ) A bag of cherries
STEPHEN ROSE - The grace of tulips
DUNCAN MORRIS OPPENHEIM - Still life with decanter & a plate of pears
EDGAR SCAUFLAIRE (1893-1960) The artists' table
Van den Eeckhoudt
Edgar Scauflaire - Abstract composition with a bottle
Ramaeker (’Ramah’) - La table aux fruits; signed; verso: L’eglise de village
VICTOR FONTAINE Guéridon fleuri
CATHERINE WOOD - Compleat Angler
CHARLES SWYNCOP (1895-1970) The pitcher of peonies
TERRY WATTS - Brightening later (Dorset-Hampshire border)
TERRY WATTS - Driving in rain (M11 in Cambridgeshire), signed with monogram, 2013
Wire across the field (West Lulworth, Dorset, nr Durdle Door), signed with monogram, 2013
STEPHEN ROSE 1960 - Peaches with greengages and a cherry (Peaches)
TERRY WATTS - High moor in low cloud
STEPHEN ROSE - chinese bowl
STEPHEN ROSE 1960 - Colours of autumn - plums
STEPHEN ROSE (1960-) January King Cabbage
STEPHEN ROSE 1960 - Cauliflower
STEPHEN ROSE - eggs / tray
Stephen Rose - Hotel room (Red wine, white shirt)
STEPHEN ROSE 1960 - An arabesque of celery
STEPHEN ROSE 1960 - Cherries in a foil container with a glass (Cherries)
STEPHEN ROSE 1960 - mallard
MARTIN SWAN The Hundred Guinea Cup, Cowes 2012
MARTIN SWAN Boats moored at Cowes
MARTIN SWAN Lymington Harbour
Carl Schuch
GEORGE WEISSBORT 1928- Still life with onion plaits, wooden cheese box, fruit & a bottle
GEORGE WEISSBORT 1928- Still life with cherry plums and a blue & white tureen
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) The little red cassoulet; s. & d. ’68
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) Still life with pink Alba roses in a silver tankard
George Weissbort - Brass Saucepan
ADOLF HEINRICH HANSEN (1859-1925) Interior in Overførstegaarden
HUBERT BELLIS (1831-1902) Oysters
CHARLES H. HARRISON BURLEIGH (1869-1956) Averil Burleigh reclining in a meadow
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) In the studio: a break for Pepsi
TOM FLANAGAN - Still life with roses and fruit
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) Still life with mustard jar, tomatoes, knife and glass on a striped tablecloth
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) An arrangement with a loaf, a jar of red peppers & white linen on a shelf
STEPHEN ROSE (1960-) Spring onions
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) Still life with apples and a knife
WILLIAM GOWE FERGUSON (1632-1695) Still life with game birds & implements of the chase on a draped stone ledge
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) Dance of the Three Graces to trumpets & viols
ROBERT GREENHAM (1906-1976) Tango Final of British Championship, 1969
ALFRED OLSEN (1854-1932) Shipping along the coast
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) The rooftops of Ostend
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) Forest clearing, Vienna
EDWARD WESSON (1910-1983) Dell Quay near Chichester
WILLIAM HENRY HUNT (1790-1864) A cut melon
ARTHUR WARDLE (1864-1949) A tiger resting amongst rocks
JOSEPH DE BELDER (1871-1927) Still life with arum lilies
HENRI JACQUES DELPY (1877-1957) Evening on the river
BELGIAN OR FRENCH SCHOOL Sunlight on the table
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) Still life with three Bramley apples
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) Still life with Coca Cola cans, a glass tankard & popcorn
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) A trug full of vegetables
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) The jar of salt
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) Still life with a statuette and pink roses
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) The white coffee pot, with fruit and wine
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) Arrangement with apples and pears and a glazed jug
ANDREW A. WOOD (1949-) Axmouth
GEORGES FELDKIRCHNER (1885-1952) Study of a fawn
GEORGES FELDKIRCHNER (1885-1952) Study of a lioness
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) Still life with onions and a terracotta pot
BERTRAM NICHOLLS (1883-1974) Hastings Castle
TAF WALLET (1902-2001) Chanterelles
FRANZ PITNER (1826-1892) A bourgeois drawing-room
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) Still life with apples and a blue & white jug
ALFRED OLSEN (1854-1932) Coastal landscape in Denmark
EDWARD WESSON (1910-1983) Trafalgar Square looking towards the National Gallery from Canada House
EDWARD WESSON (1910-1983) Near Martham Broad, West Somerton, Norfolk
EDWARD WESSON (1910-1983) On the Norfolk coast
EDWARD WESSON (1910-1983) On the Broads
EDWARD WESSON (1910-1983) Boats on the Norfolk Broads, signed
EDWARD WESSON (1910-1983) Benbow Pond, Cowdray Park
DAVID OYENS (1842-1902) Young woman reading in the studio
FREDERICK R. LEE (1798-1879) River landscape
BERTRAM NICHOLLS (1883-1974) Rochester Castle
OSCAR MARIN (1909-1994) Still life with earthenware bowls, a pitcher, eggs and fruit
DENYS GEORGE VESEY WELLS (1881-1973) Demolition of Waterloo Bridge
DENYS GEORGE VESEY WELLS (1881-1973) London street scene
CHARLES THOMAS BALE (fl.1866-1892) Still life of pears, apples, grapes and a Chinese jar
FANNY FLEURY (1848-1905) Woman reading
JOHN LEWIS REILLY (1835-1903) after LANDSEER Alexander & Diogenes
WILLIAM McCANCE (1894-1970) Still life with a melon
ALBERT LUDOVICI, JNR. (1852-1932) The Recital
ALBERT LUDOVICI, JNR. (1852-1932) Monsieur Coulon's dancing class
JOHN KING (1946-) Avocado plant
J. LEBRETON Still life with books, ashtray and a candlestick
ANON, SPANISH SCHOOL Still life with armorial jar, statuette and book, 1942
SIGVARD MARIUS HANSEN (1859-1938) The Borghese Park, Rome
SIGVARD HANSEN (1859-1938) Bøgholm Lake in autumn
SIGVARD HANSEN (1859-1938) A farmstead in a coastal landscape
DENYS GEORGE WELLS (1881-1973) Still life with statuettes of the Buddha and Thai temple
DENYS GEORGE WELLS (1881-1973) Still life with teapot, orange and goblets
DENYS GEORGE WELLS (1881-1973) Still life with Chinese porcelain and a statuette
ALICE HALKETT A vase of iris
MARTIN BELL (Fl 1944-1956) Still life with fruit and bottles
ANON AMERICAN SCHOOL (1849-1916) Still life with fish, after William Merritt Chase
CAMILLA GOBL (1871-1965) Flower piece
ROBERT BOUDRY (1878-1961) Still life with mushrooms, preserving pan & a vase of daisies
HUGH WILKINSON (1849-1948) View of a New Forest stream
HERMAN COURTENS (1884-1956) Flowerpiece with roses and marigolds
DUDLEY HOLLAND (1915-1956) A corner of the studio
STEPHEN ROSE (1960-) Leticia reclining
STEPHEN ROSE (1960-) Nude, standing, looking left
JOSEF KOPF (1873-1953) Still life with blue-&-white porcelain
ANON, AFTER FRANCIS C.B.CADELL (1883-1937) Elizabeth at the Castle Tearooms
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) Still life with two red apples and a brown paper bag
R. Y. ARMDELL - Fruit on a chair
JEAN MAYNE (1854-1924) Girl with a set of pearls
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) A bust of Clio with books, wine & roses
CHARLES JEAN AGARD (1866-1950) Still life of a cherry branch
ROBERT BOUDRY (1878-1961) Still life with geraniums and a Chinese bowl
BERTRAM WALTER PRIESTMAN (1868-1951) Malin Bridge, 1926
TOM FLANAGAN Still life with coffee pot
JOHAN WILLEM FLEUR (1888-1967) A pitcher of lilacs
FRITZ SCHERER (1877-1929) Venice: View of the Bacino looking towards San Giorgio
GEORGE WEISSBORT (1928-) Still life with cobnuts and a pitcher
MARIE DE BIEVRE (1865-1940) Still life with apricots and iris
BERNARD FINEGAN GRIBBLE (1873-1962) Elegant woman in a plumed hat (sold)
BERTRAM NICHOLLS (1883 - 1974) Ponte di Pietra, Verona 1928
QUENTIN BELL (1910-1996) Still life with apples, a sickle, a red cloth & a vase
PAUL LUCIEN MAZE (1887-1979) The yellow vase
CHARLES SWYNCOP (1895-1970) Still life with white flowers
OLLE HJORTZBERG (1872-1959) Still life with Chinese porcelain
STEPHEN ROSE (1960-) Cherries in a plastic bag
GERMAIN THEODORE RIBOT (1845-1893) Still life of tulips and peonies
LILY GOVAERT - Still life with a blue glass jar and fruit
FERGUS O'RYAN (1911-1989) The Liffey at Sally Gap, 1928
ROBERT DUCKWORTH GREENHAM (1906-1976) Sandy beach
ROBERT LESLIE HOWEY (1900-1981) Elterwater
ROBERT BOUDRY (1878-1961) Croucher de soleil sur l'estuaire
JOSEPH HENDERSON (1832-1908) Afternoon light
RAYMOND CHING (1939-) Partridge, life-size, dust-bathing, 1971
HUBERT BELLIS (1831-1902) Still life with mussels
ROBERT GREENHAM (1906-1976) Lunch Outside
DENYS GEORGE WELLS (1881-1973) Still life with a patterned cloth
LUDOVIC RODO PISSARRO (1878-1952) Cafetiére and flowers on a table
NORMAN EDGAR (1948-) Pink camelias
CHARLES HENRI QUINET (1830-1912) The beach at Villerville looking towards La Havre
LESLIE KENT (1890 - 1980) Titchfield Haven, Hillhead
JAN VERDOODT (1906-1980) Still life with a chair, shirt and towel
JAN VERDOODT (1906-1980) Still life with a chair and basket of eggs
HUBERT BELLIS (1831-1902) Still life with oysters and shrimps (sold)
NORMAN EDGAR (1948-) White rhododendrons
FREDA MARSTON (1895-1949) Oriental figurines before a seascape
WILLIBALD KRAIN (1886-1945) Interior with a young man standing at a desk
JOHN WILLIAM HOWEY (1873-1938) Still life with daffodils in a green pitcher
AUGUSTUS JOHN (1878-1961) Drawing of Pyramus John
JOHN RIDDLE (fl.1903-1934) Still life; marigolds in a blue pitcher
EDWARD WESSON (1910-1983) White sails at Brancaster
LOUIS PULINCKX (1843-1910) On the riverbank
EUROPEAN SCHOOL - Still life with a tray, fruit and a jug
J. LASCELLES WILLIAMSON Estuary boat scene
DUNCAN OPPENHEIM (1904-2003) Still life with a glass jug & an apple
JOSEPH KNIGHT (1837-1909) Still life with apples (sold)